We rotate beers throughout the season. These are the most common beers that we offer throughout the year.
The wheat beers are on tap throughout the entire year.






























Rope’s Golden Wheat
A light refreshing ale brewed with 50% wheat malt combined with standard barley malt. Named after the Rope’s Gold Mine which operated north of Ishpeming until 1990.


Blastin’ Blueberry Wheat
A natural blueberry extract is added to our golden wheat ale. Named for the blasting that takes place everyday at our local mine.



Rockin’ Raspberry Wheat
Just like the blueberry wheat a natural raspberry extract is added. Named after all the rock hounds that come to the area every summer.


Don’t Get Me Stouted
Creamy full bodied mouth feel with a medium  backbone of hops. With flavors and aromas ranging from coffee,  unsweetened chocolate, and small hints of dried fruit. 5% ABV


Furious George III
Malty aromas with hints of earthy, floral hop  characteristics. Deep copper in color with an incredible balance between the toasty, almost nutty, flavors and English hops. 5.5% ABV


Wanderlust IPA
Incredibly crisp and dry with tons of citrus and hints of piney hop flavors, filling you with a strong desire to hit the road on a epic adventure. This American IPA is the perfect companion for your great excursions into the unknown! So come fill a growler for wherever your road takes you, or have a pint at the bar and cheers to a long fulfilling life. 7.1% ABV


Wookie Goldberg
This malty beer has a big creamy body from the large amounts of oats used in the brew, which helps to balance out the darker caramel and touch of chocolate. 6.2% ABV


Pale 41
Crisp and dry. This pale ale is brewed with most of the hops going in at the end of the boil and dry hop. Which gives this beer a nice hop  flavor without the bitterness. 5.6% ABV


Red Earth Pale Ale
An American Style ale named in honor of the iron rich, red colored earth found locally. The use of Northern Brewer and Cascade hops gives this ale an assertive hop bitterness, flavor and aroma.


Jasper Brown Ale
A rich refreshing English pub style ale. The combination of brown and caramel malts give this ale body and its distinctive color. Moderately hopped for aroma and flavor. Named in honor of Jasper, an iron ore mineral found in this region.


An Octoberfest style ale. 5.1% ABV


Copper Kolsch
A medium bodied ale with hints of caramel and roasted malts. The use of Northern Brewer and Willamette hops gives this ale a nosey floral finish. Named for the copper mines that once flourished in the northern region of the U.P. known as the Copper Country.



Our version of a fall classic. This beer is brewed with Cara Malt, Mount Hood, and Northern Brewer hops, giving this beer a medium maltiness with a noble hop finish. 6% ABV


Sully’s Strong Ale
This deep mahogany, dark amber ale is similar to a winter warmer. Special B malt gives this ale a sweet malty balance and a dried fruit flavor similar to figs and raisins. Low to moderately hopped. 7% alcohol by volume.



Porcupine Porter
One of the oldest beer styles in the world. This full bodied dark ale has a malty sweetness with a caramelly rich character. Medium hop bitterness with minimal hop flavor. 6.5% ABV


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